It may be possible that you have multiple YouTube Channels associated to your email address when you installed the YouTube Mobile Application and you wanted to change the default channel that is being selected every time you hit the upload button from your phone or you may want to change it for any other reason, well you came to the right place!

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can change the default youtube account on your Android Phone.

Step 1: Open the YouTube Mobile App on your phone

Step 2: Once the YouTube Application is opened, find and tap this icon











Step 3: On the screen where you see your channel name and other options, tap the area that contains the Channel Name.










You will see all the Youtube Channels associated with your email address.


Step 4: Tap / Select the new youtube channel that you wish to set as the default










Congratulations! You have now set a new default channel on your mobile app. Go ahead and try to upload a new video from your mobile phone and tell me how it goes!